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METTA Fellowship & On-Line Directory - Sussex -

Holistic Health & Wellbeing for all.


METTA On-Line Directory - Sussex

Your subscription covers admin & website costs. It also finances the outreach work of the METTA Fellowship: working with Community Support Groups; Prisons; Homeless; Mental Health; Rehabilitation; etc. The purpose of METTA Fellowship is to provide free deep healing for those who cannot afford to pay, while providing a modest income for the therapists.


Directory Subscription for Individuals

 - £3 a month D/D - £36 a year D/D

Directory Subscription for Centres/groups/organisations

 - £9 a month D/D - £108 a year D/D

Who can join? Therapists - Healers - Traders - Readers - Centres - Groups/Organisations/Societies - anyone involved in health and wellbeing. Invitations to join are open to anyone living/working in Sussex. Application forms will be sent out on request.

What you will get :- Name; brief description of what you offer; link to your website; contact details; location; image

METTA Fellowship

The vision of METTA Fellowship is to provide free deep healing for those who cannot afford to pay, while providing a modest income for the therapists.

What is METTA Fellowship? People coming together to pursue the shared aim of global Loving Kindness. METTA means Loving Kindness. FELLOWSHIP: friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests; mutual support, mutual respect,  a group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.

What is the mission statement of METTA Fellowship?

The Vision is to make life-transforming healing therapies available to all people.

The Intention is to start in Lewes, then Sussex, creating local models that can be reproduced  across the UK, county by county, with the potential for this to be replicated globally.

The Vision is that we work in partnership with existing bodies and organisations, a true inclusive collaboration of allopathic, complementary and alternative medicine. To collaborate with organisations who help the elderly, needy, homeless, excluded, dying, despairing, troubled and lost, and reaching out to those who have slipped through the system. There is hope and transformation available, no matter how long-standing the core issue.

By working from the root causes rather than the symptoms, we can effect deep lasting change within people's lives. Good health and wellbeing are not a luxury, they are the birthright of everyone. People on basic and low incomes will have the same access and opportunity to have their core issues, traumas and emotional patterns healed, as their more prosperous neighbours. All will benefit as every level of society shifts into inner harmony and peace.

Ultimately the Vision is to work towards a global 'tipping point' of awakening consciousness and awareness.

Energy Healing works on all levels of being. The physical body follows the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energy bodies... all are connected. By working in these 'subtle energy' levels, which by their nature can shift faster and more easily, we experience radical change.

In order to make it free or donation at point of use, finances will be generated by the METTA Directory, donations from patrons, sponsors, 'paying it forward schemes' and fund raising events.

To keep costs at a minimum, all METTA Fellowship therapists and healers; members of  the METTA Fellowship Accreditation Board; the book keeper; the administrator (updating website, publicity, etc) will be paid a nominal fixed rate of £20 an hour, capped at a specified amount in balance with the overall income. Additional outgoings will be the website domain upkeep. Publicity will be done through free social media. To keep it simple, we will not have premises, only asking for free spaces within existing centres etc.

How do I become a therapist member of METTA Fellowship?

You will need to be assessed and validated by the METTA Fellowship Accreditation Board - by filling in a Questionnaire, submitting five Case Studies and giving a Practical Demonstration (Viva) to the MF Board. The board consists of five practitioners.

What criteria are the METTA Fellowship Accreditation Board looking for?

MFAB are looking for therapies that bring life-changing, deep transformation at a cellular level; that go to the root cause of an issue, rather than focus on the symptom. Modalities that empower the client, enabling them to connect with their inner healing, co-creating with Higher Energies.

Why do I need to be accredited?

To ensure the highest standard of care; to ensure the integrity and quality of all who work under the METTA Fellowship name.

Does my modality need to be a part of a bigger organisation or already recognised system?

No, the central criteria is that your healing therapy works on this higher and deeper level. This may be as an established modality, or it could be a system that begins (and ends) with you.

Do I need to work exclusively with METTA Fellowship?

No, your work with MF would not be exclusive, and would co-exist with your current working infrastructure.

What level of commitment is expected of me?

There will be two Gatherings a year. You will be expected to attend one of them and be welcome at both. The purpose of these Gatherings is to provide a physical platform to share best practice, experiences,  etc. There will be Talks, Demonstrations, Connection and Fun! At other times there will be virtual platforms for connection, via Social Media etc.

If you are interested in becoming involved please get in touch. Email contact is mettafellowshipand directory@yahoo.com or email Ali at mcnabali@yahoo.co.uk. Her website is www.ali-mcnab-art.co.uk.

 Or visit  www.mettafellowshipanddirectory.com .