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working from her home in Wivelsfield Green.

She is the inspiration and organiser of

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SUSSEX FESTIVAL, promoting health and well being in Sussex.

Ali will be giving 40 minute healing sessions @ £20 throughout the day.

She  will also have

 blank greetings cards of her original paintings & artwork for sale

Text: 07769 269066

Email: mcnabali@yahoo.co.uk

website. Www.ali-mcnab-art.co.uk

​"LIFE ALIGNMENT is a life transforming vibrational energy healing system. Our physical body stores memory of all its experiences. We establish patterns…. Repeating behaviour throughout our lives, different people, different time, same old stuff.... creating dis-ease in our minds & bodies.

​The LIFE ALIGNMENT process brings to the surface our stories, releasing the trapped emotional  charge within them… we come into Balance, into Alignment. It brings us closer to being healthy, happy and whole.

It is life changing, interactive and extremely effective.

We cannot eliminate our memories, we cannot undo what has happened to us. But we CAN release the trapped energy – the emotional charge of feelings and thought patterns embedded in these memories.

LIFE ALIGNMENT assists us to experience self empowerment & self awareness. It is a tool for personal & global transformation. It is a means for assisting people to shift into higher dimensions of consciousness."                 www.life-alignment.com


Lisa  is a well-respected Theta Healing® Master, Practitioner and Teacher with over 20 years experience as a professional Spiritual Coach and Master Intuitive Healer. Lisa’s experience is in Theta Healing® and many other healing modalities.

Theta Healing® works on a Theta Brainwave, connecting us to the Universal energy of all that is. Theta Healing®  changes limiting or negative thought patterns and turns them into more constructive and positive ones.

​Through Theta Healing® we expand our perception of reality and open our minds to unlimited possibilities, bringing more joy in our lives. Lisa offers in-person, Skype and telephone Theta Healing® sessions and  teaches Theta Healing® Practitioner courses throughout the year, dates are posted on her website.  

 website: www.Lisa-Halliday.co.uk

​Tel: 07809 404946 * Email: info@lisa-halliday.co.uk


NUTRITIONAL THERAPY: I have always had an interest in nutrition, health and well-being. I also love cooking! The body is a precision piece of engineering which requires specific nutrients and combinations of nutrients to work to its full potential.​ By analysing your diet and rectifying any vitamin, mineral and other nutrient imbalances, nutritional therapy can empower you to make changes  to your diet .

The following conditions may be helped with nutritional therapy:  Intolerance to stress / Energy loss / Insomnia / Depression / Skin complaints / Asthma / Hormone Imbalance / Weight management / Headaches / Digestive complaints / Plus many more.

REIKI (pronounced Ray-key): is a union of two Japanese words ‘rei’ and ’ki’, which means universal life energy. It is an ancient healing system, which uses the laying on of hands technique through which the life-force energies within our bodies are balanced. Reiki helps to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.​ I believe Reiki works well with nutritional therapy because you are then giving your whole body healing - mind, body and soul.

​Tel: 07816 186430

Email: jules_801@hotmail.com


 What is Pranic Healing? The word ‘Prana’ means life’s energy.

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested non touch complementary therapy. It is used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. This system can enhance any area of your life. It is highly systematic and scientific in its approach, which distinguishes it from other healing therapies. Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective system that works on the principal that the body is a self healing organism.

We all live busy lives and a condition or ailment can arrive through certain patterns, lifestyles and psychological changes. By using specific techniques for those ailments or conditions the pattern can be reversed and the body is able to heal itself.

Tel: 07843 625168 * Email: miiko@ukpranichealing.net



Auratransformation is a life-changing one-time only individual energy treatment that is a permanent and radical expansion of your consciousness. The Indigo and Crystal Aura Upgrade greatly increases your radiance, materialisation power, intuition and focus. It clears imbalanced life patterns and limitations, propelling your life into more balance, love, joy, clarity and purpose.

Fairly new in the UK, over 75,000 Scandinavians can testify to Auratransformation’s life-upgrading qualities.

Puja will be giving 15-minute Aura Clearings (with clairvoyant energy balancing) at £10 on the day. Healing Art & greetings cards will also be for sale.

Tel: 07985 099648​ * Email: info@safetoheal.com

More information and testimonials on the website: www.safetoheal.com

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Carole Thornton (Aromatherapy, Healing, Life Coaching);

Caroline Burton (Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage).


Vinings natural Health Centre offers a wide range of alternative therapies by well qualified, enthusiastic practitioners. We have comfortable rooms with plenty of free parking.

 Carole and Caroline will be offering seated neck and shoulder massages (for a donation to St.Peter & St.James)

Tel: 01444 441210 * Email: caroline@vinings.myzen.co.uk

Website: www.viningsnaturalhealthcentre.co.uk


Would you like less stress, less mind chatter, and less physical pain in your life?
The Access Consciousness Bars ® is an energetic body process that consists of 32 points on the head energetically connected to different aspects of life. Touching these points assists you in releasing anywhere you are stuck in life. Having a Bars session is like de-cluttering your brain and letting go of what no longer works for you.  What if change could be easy?

Tel: 07906160169 * Email: daniela@danielahorder.com

Website: www.danielahorder.com

Gar Lam - MASSAGE THERAPIST - Holistic Massage

Gar is a fully qualified holistic massage therapist based in Horsham.

Gar will be offering 20 minute taster sessions of seated chair massage throughout the day.

Massage has many benefits

-  relieves muscular tightness, stiffness and restriction in muscle tissue.

-  increases blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

-  promotes rapid removal of toxins from the body.

-  reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body, creating a sense of well- being.

She can be contacted on 07968 697303 or vipassanamassage@gmail.com

Jessica Elphick - REFLEXOLOGY

Jessica is a fully qualified and professional Reflexologist, operating from her treatment room in Haywards Heath. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific parts of the feet which in turn relate to various glands and organs in the rest of the body. It is a holistic treatment, aiming to treat the body as whole.

Through the pressure exerted on these points reflexology aims to:

-bring balance to the glands and organs of the body

-improve blood circulation and nerve impulses

-release and remove toxins

-relieve stress and tension

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive and soothing treatment.

Tel : 07928627099

Email : hello@jessicareflexology.co.uk
Website: www.jessicareflexology.co.uk  


"My name is Anya Rose and I am a Lightworker, Channel and Angelic Reiki Master.  I am blessed to work with and be guided by the Angelic Realm and offer connection to Divine LoveLight, Angelic Guidance and Healing. Taster sessions will be available for you to experience these wonderful energies.”

TEL: 07834 558087

EMAIL: anya@roseheartcentre.co.uk

WEBSITE: www.roseheartcentre.co.uk

Ishala Wayshower -  NEXT LEVEL HEALING


Multi-dimensional healing & Soul Readings

Ishala is a Multi-dimensional Healer, Soul Interpreter, Energy Translator and Divine Blueprint Architect, who has worked to support clients create major breakthroughs and develop new awareness in their lives.

This personal change work has enabled clients to experience profound results and expansions of their heart centred intelligence and self love.

Over 10 years Ishala has developed and connected with a broad skill set, that is unrivalled in its depth and impact.

Her Transformation Programmes are designed to take fully committed clients on a journey of self discovery in order to create a better life and a better world.

Tel: 07765600507

Email: ishala@nextlevelhealing.co

Website: www.nextlevelhealing.co


Volunteers from the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary will be providing Spiritual Healing.

Your session will last for 15min. You will be invited to lay on the couch fully clothed or to remain seated. We will talk you through a simple relaxation and visualisation exercise, with the intention of encouraging your body and your mind to relax. We will then channel healing energy to you through your energy field.

Donations to help us with our costs would be appreciated.

Email: alanamoore1@aol.com

Website: www.sanctuary-burrowslea.org.uk

FLOW -  holistic therapy

The FLOW team of therapists use a combination of therapies

including East Asian Medical healing techniques

along with K.O.R.E. Therapy to help your body perform at its optimum

reducing illness, disease and injury.

Tel: 07866674652/ 07879220308

Email: info@flowtherapy.co.uk

Website: www.flowtherapy.co.uk

Irene Elliot - SO SHIATSU

SHIATSU – Irene is an ex-nurse who has been practising Shiatsu for 12 years.

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy literally meaning ‘finger pressure’ which originated in Japan from traditional Chinese Medicine.

It uses gentle, non-intrusive pressure to encourage adjustments to the body’s physical structure, balance the body’s energy flow, release blockages and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal itself. 

Shiatsu has a positive affect on the nervous system. This is why it can help support people living with ME, Fibromyalgia, CFS, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Irene will be offering 20 minute Taster Sessions on a massage chair for £10

Tel: 07905533018

Email: Irene@soshiatsu.co.uk

Website: www.soshiatsu.co.uk



BodyTalk  is an amazing whole healthcare system that can help improve a wide range of health conditions, chronic health issues, improve performance and can help maintain general health and wellbeing.  It works on the whole person, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and as outdated programming, belief systems and fears clear away, the individual moves into alignment with their true potential and purpose. Essentially, BodyTalk can assist in producing profound changes for the better in people’s lives.  Clients often say they feel brighter, healthier, less stressed, have improved sleep, less aches and pains and have more energy with BodyTalk sessions.

Tel : 07809 547 922

Email : info@holistichealthwellbeing.com and Duncan@brightonbodytalk.com

Website : www.holistichealthwellbeing.com and  www.brightonbodytalk.com


“Struggling to find the “real” you? Stressed, overworked, over weighted by life’s challenges? In the wrong job or in the right job in the wrong location - are you looking for support to thrive? Then Pause® is for you. Therapies, crystal tuning, retreats and individual support are at your fingertips.

Sue Bottomley is a life coach known for cutting edge techniques and “destiny tuning”, a programme designed to lift personal energy and vibration. She supports individuals to know themselves, find and secure the right career, fine tune their life, step into their power. I look forward to meeting you.”

Tel: 07850 923962

Email: pause@learningwithspirit.com

Heather Hawthorn - ANGELIC REIKI

At this beautiful festival I shall be offering Angelic Reiki .

Having been connected consciously with Angels for 30 years,

I channel Angelic Reiki as a bridge between heaven and earth.

 The session is perfectly held by the Angels and Ascended Masters

who come through for you.

They give guidance usually during the session and I relay this at the end.

They want to help you🌹.

I have a special interest in parents and children, (basically everyone).!!

I will be bringing my Angels of Light Pregnancy Oracle cards for sale on the day.💘

Tel:01273 733754

Email: heatherangelsea@googlemail.com


Spiritual (Psychic) non-invasive Surgery

Patients usually feel a marked difference in their overall well being after treatment.

Tel: 07575708008

Email: spiritshealing touch@gmail.com



Christina has been a healer for 20 years. She first became interested in healing after experiencing the phenomenal power of this Divine natural energy in 1994 with The Sussex Healers, of which she is still a member. She discovered ‘Reconnective Healing’ while on her spiritual quest in America in 2010 and chose to become a facilitator soon after. ‘Reconnective Healing’ is high frequency, vibrational energy which was experienced by Dr Eric Pearl who was the catalyst for these new healing energies, given for the benefit of humankind.

Tel: 07878592054

Email : christina.hunt@outlook.com

Vic Wood - TROPIC SKINCARE & Make-up

Tropic is a range of skincare and makeup made in our kitchen in Surrey with natural ingredients (clear labelling), no nasty chemicals such as parabens, not tested on animals (PETA, Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International certified) that ARE effective and give us all the complexion we were born to have.

Tel: 07917715611

Email: victoria_e_wood@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/vicwood


Hydortherm Massage - Calluna Therapies is proud to offer this unique type of massage. Lying face up throughout the treatment it combines heat, floatation and massage whilst providing ultimate comfort during your treatment, allowing your mind to drift off and muscles to relax and unwind. Hydrotherm is certainly something a little different in the world of massage. If you’d like to try it or just curious to see how it works look for the big green bottles at the event.

Tel :07817236667

Email: callunatherapies@gmail.com

Website : www.callunatherapies.com

Alastair MacKenzie - Mindfulness Talks


A.M. Healing Practice will be offering a Chakra healing which will first begin with a full mindful body scan that brings you into a deep state of relaxation and then based on energy and certain conversational cues I will be able to work on the energy that is needed. This is an interactive session and not only will deal on an energetic level but also on the level of mind, emotions and soul.

Tel: 07784557237

Email: contact@mindfulnesstalks.com

Website: www.MindfulnessTalks.com

Clare McGill -  HATHA YOGA

Taster sessions - In the Baxter Corridor

11.10am to 11.30am; 12.10pm to 12.30pm; 1.50pm to 2.20pm;  3.10pm to 3.50pm

 “Ha” means sun and “tha” means moon and hatha yoga is about the union of opposites. Hatha yoga aims to harmonise body, mind and spirit. The classes draw on the classical hatha yoga postures which help to build strength and stamina, and also focuses on the alignment of the body whilst adding an element of flow. Pranayama (breath work) and meditation are also key to the practice and help to bring balance to the breath and the mind.

“I have been practicing yoga since 2007. In 2017 I had the good fortune of travelling to India to partake in a 200-hour Yoga Alliance International teacher training course. Our amazing Teacher taught us the true meaning of the Yogic Philosophy through a daily combination of Asana (Postures) Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Karma Yoga, Mudra and Mantra.

I am a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, where I am currently studying yoga for the Anatomy.

I teach a traditional, gentle approach suitable for Beginners and Intermediate.

My Hatha Practice is slow, flowing and concentrates on working from the core and with the breath. “  


For link to video film  press here: