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working from her home in South Chailey.

Original & Unique VISIONARY ART, imbued with Healing Resonance & Vibration.

She is the inspiration & organiser of  MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SUSSEX FESTIVAL

Ali will  have

 blank greetings cards of her original paintings & artwork for sale

She will be giving a Free Group METTA-MORPH Healing Session at 2.00pm

Text: 07769 269066

Email: mcnabali@yahoo.co.uk

Website:  www.ali-mcnab-art.co.uk



​METTA - LovingKindness. MORPH - Transform.


Conscious, Intentional transformation.

Raising vibration through the RELEASE of old negative patterns, triggers & stuck energy.

Thus creating space to RECEIVE positive, uplifting energy to take its place.

METTA-MORPH for personal & global transformation.   

Heal yourself, heal the world.  

“. ..METTA-MORPH is an incredible process and a gift to the world. “ H.T.

Free group healing at 2.oopm upstairs in the Lecture Room.          


I am practising Reiki  at the show and aim to bring this healing mode to all people, no matter their circumstances, in need of help.

I also have nutritional knowledge, so can give advice regarding diet and healthy eating. By applying both therapies I can offer a whole mind, body and spirit  healing.

​Tel: 07816 186430

Email: jules_801@hotmail.com


 What is Pranic Healing? The word ‘Prana’ means life’s energy.

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested non touch complementary therapy. It is used to heal a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. This system can enhance any area of your life. It is highly systematic and scientific in its approach, which distinguishes it from other healing therapies. Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective system that works on the principal that the body is a self healing organism.

We all live busy lives and a condition or ailment can arrive through certain patterns, lifestyles and psychological changes. By using specific techniques for those ailments or conditions the pattern can be reversed and the body is able to heal itself.

Tel: 07843 625168

Email: miiko@ukpranichealing.net



Would you like less stress, less mind chatter, and less physical pain in your life?
The Access Consciousness Bars ® is an energetic body process that consists of 32 points on the head energetically connected to different aspects of life. Touching these points assists you in releasing anywhere you are stuck in life. Having a Bars session is like decluttering your brain and letting go of what no longer works for you.  What if change could be easy?

£10 for a 20 minute session  - festival day

Tel: 07906160169 *

Email: daniela@danielahorder.com

Website: www.danielahorder.com

Gar Lam - MASSAGE THERAPIST - Holistic Massage

Gar is a fully qualified holistic massage therapist based in Horsham.

She is a member of the FHT and MTI. Gar is offering a 20 minute chair massage which incorporates some pressure points and Thai techniques. Massage has many benefits: it relieves muscular tension and tightness, increases circulation bringing more nutrients and oxygen to muscles; promotes rapid removal of toxins; reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body, creating a sense of well being.

£10 for 20 minutes - festival day

Tel:  07968 697303

Email: vipassanamassage@gmail.com

Website: vipassanamassage.com

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video film  

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Sukshma Marma is a very gentle massage therapy that comes from the Ayurvedic tradition of ancient India. It’s very gentleness is what makes it so enjoyable and so powerful. It allows the Marmas - those points on the body where physiology and consciousness meet -into relax and open, creating profound and healing changes in mind and body.

Try a free taster session with qualified therapist Marek Lorys.

Tel: 07946 386290

 Email: mareklorys@gmail.com



The Vision

A garden that is a place of healing for mind, body and spirit. A garden of abundance.

A garden where there is wholesome food. A garden where there are medicinal plants. A garden that delights the senses. A garden with places to meditate. A garden with places to play. A garden with places to learn. A garden with space to ‘be’.

A garden of welcome – for all things.  A garden that causes no harm.

A garden to heal the gardener, the visitor and the soil.

 A regenerative garden, regenerating all.

A community of healers, working and living within the garden. Healers of the spirit, healers of the body, healers of the Earth. Healers of the great ‘Whole’.

Email: Martin, the ‘Barefoot Gardener’  -  mah38@hotmail.co.uk

Iwona Majewska – CRYSTAL HEALER

I offer a beautiful gentle crystal healing treatment, which encompasses a number of healing steps. A typical healing treatment will include cleansing, clearing and healing the auric field assisted by using Aura Soma pomanders, chosen by the client. The next stage will involve balancing, followed by energizing of the chakras using a range of crystal tools, including crystal spheres, wands, discs and raw crystal clusters and layouts.

Universal healing flows throughout the crystal healing treatment bringing healing as required by the patient for their greater good and in accordance with any request that may have been made prior to commencement of the healing.

Tel: 07595598891

Email: majewskai@yahoo.com

Website: www.iwonamajewska.com

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Myriam Murray - Soul Unity Healing

- Past life regression and energy healing.

Myriam is a past life regression therapist and an energy healing coach. During the festival, she will offer chakra reading, healing and will share some tips to boost your energy body to sustain well being. Myriam works with her inner abilities and with the guidance of Mother Earth and the Divine Light. She will also be available to answer your questions about past life regression.

£12 for 20 to 30 minute chakra healing session - festival day

Tel: 07752429193

Email: myriam@soulunityhealing.com

Website: www.soulunityhealing.com

Sakhmet Campbell - Sakhmet’s Care - NUTRITIONAL THERAPY

Sakhmet works with the whole person. I offer Nutritional Therapy for weight loss, illnesses including and cancer and diabetes.

I specialise in Nutritional Therapy for children with autism.

I also provide Spiritual guidance. I am trained in Reiki to Master level.

 I Initiate Individuals and groups into Reiki Healing Energy, which becomes a way of life for the individual and their friends and family

Tel: 07816389428

 Email: sakhmet@sakhmetscare.com


Carole Thornton (Aromatherapy, Healing, Life Coaching);


Vinings natural Health Centre offers a wide range of alternative therapies by well qualified, enthusiastic practitioners. We have comfortable rooms with plenty of free parking.

 Carole and Caroline will be offering seated neck and shoulder massages (for a donation to St.Peter & St.James)

Tel: 01444 441210

Email: caroline@vinings.myzen.co.uk

Website: www.viningsnaturalhealthcentre.co.uk

Louise Anderson - LIFE BEYOND LOSS

Death, divorce, major family discord, chronic ill health, financial issues, and many more … are all natural and normal parts of life…

We become experts at acting and pretending that all is well…  

We get on, we move on when inside we’re still hurting…

Unprocessed loss can have a devastating and far-reaching effect on our health and all key relationships; family, children, friends as well as impacting how we perform and interact at work.

 Learn how to transform and turn around these and many other significant emotional losses into life’s wisdom.

Tel: 07891550196  

Email: louiseinlewes@gmail.com

Website: www.lifebeyondloss.co.uk

Clare Phillips - TRUE HEALING

Iridology is the scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye which reveals body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, nutritional and chemical imbalances and health levels as well as traumas throughout the life.

Iridology is a diagnostic tool using the nerve endings of the iris connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system. Recommendations can be made to address issues that are found.

Clare is an experienced iridologist and homeopath who practices in Sussex and Suffolk. She also lectures in Homeopath and Iridology in Sussex and London Homeopathy colleges.

Clare will be giving Iridology taster sessions at £25

Tel: 07890 050984                  

Email: clarehphillips@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.truehealing.co.uk

Mary Jane Sharratt & Irene Elliot

EFT Practitioner Training - Emotional Freedom Technique

Discover the magic of Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping), and learn how it can help you to enjoy life without stress, anxiety or depression; to wake each day feeling energised and excited about life. We can show you how EFT can be used to clear negative beliefs that are holding you back in life, and how  to identify where they originated (often in childhood). EFT is also a powerful way to clear phobias, physical pain, chronic health conditions and trauma. We offer one-to-one sessions, introductory days, and training to those who wish to become practitioners.

Mary Jane: Tel: 07787570086

Email: train@eft-practitioner.com

Website: www.eft-practitioner.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/trainineft

Irene:Tel: 07905533018

Email: Irene@soshiatsu.co.uk

Website: www.soshiatsu.co.uk

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I’m really excited to bring the light of the Angels and Elemental Kingdom to this event.

 I am a clairvoyant and therapist who connects to these realms to offer you intuitive readings with the Angels, Unicorns, fairies, mermaids and dragons to bring forth guidance and healing for your highest potential.

 I also work closely with the Devic or crystal kingdom to offer crystal healing.  In addition, I offer Angelic healing and Unicorn healing that works with these beautiful beings to bring their energy through to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body for your highest good.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.  I will be selling crystals too.

Charges will be -

£15 half hour reading or therapy and £25 per hour reading or therapy

Tel: 07949 387397

Email: Injoybeautywellbeing@gmail.com

Website: www.Ethereallight.co.uk

Facebook: in-Joy Beauty & Wellbeing


i am pleased to offer a selection of taster sessions of healing modalities.

1) Sound therapy session ( Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and grounding)

2) Tuning Forks session ( Solfeggio frequencies)

  3) Emotion Code Session ( Clear emotional baggage!)

5) Metamorphic Technique ( Gentle touch on feet, hands and head to catalyse positive transformation in your life.)

Sound therapy has been used successfully to reduce stress, alleviate pain, balance emotions and revitalise energy levels.

Emotion code is a technique where trapped emotions are identified through muscle testing and then released  easily using intention and a magnet on the governing meridian. Trapped emotions can cause pain, depression, anxiety and a host  of other symptoms. Emotions are meant to flow not get stuck!

I will be charging £15 for a 30 minute session

Tel: 07704 539394

Email: aoifemariabrown@yahoo.co.uk

Website: holisticsound.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HolisticSound/


I am a shiatsu practitioner and teacher with thirty years experience. I will be offering 15 minute taster sessions throughout the day. Shiatsu is particularly effective with neck, shoulder and back pains. It is deeply relaxing and regular treatments can alleviate stress and maintain health and wellbeing. Shiatsu is practiced on a futon on the floor.

£10 for a 15 minute session - Festival Day

Please visit my website www.shiatsuhealing.co.uk to see a video of a shiatsu session.

Tel: 07742718499

Email: cliveives@hotmail.com

Website: www.shiatsuhealing.co.uk

Caroline Brooks - DRAGONFLY CHI HEALING ARTS - Crystal healing

Caroline is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Healer based in Hove.

Her passion is helping clients flourish, bloom and grow.

Using a combination of Reiki and bespoke crystal healing layouts tailored to a client’s individual needs, energy healing sessions allow her clients to feel more balanced and poised while addressing energy imbalances underlying a range of physical and emotional / mental issues.

Caroline will be offering:

15 minute Crystal Tune-Up £10

30 minute Crystal Healing £20

Reiki charged Crystal Healing kits

Sessions will clear the aura and charge the chakras. Leave feeling infinitely more relaxed, balanced and calm.

Tel: 07841 532410

Email: hello@dragonflychihealingarts.com

Website: www.dragonflychihealingarts.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dragonflychihealingarts

 Instagram: www.instagram.com/dragonflychihealingarts