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Robin Shell - HEALING ARTS

“I am a Reiki and crystal-healing practitioner as well as an artist.  I combine my love of crystals with art by making crystal hanging decorations, crystal runes and dream catchers.  I also make small bundles of zodiac crystals for meditation and times of quiet contemplation. All of my crystals are cleansed and charged with Reiki energy.  At my table I also offer visitors the chance to have a short rune reading using crystal runes. Visitors to my table are invited to draw a rune.”

Tel:  07956555688 * Email : robinshell63@gmail.com

Website : www.robinshellhealingarts.blogspot.com


Skincare and Wellbeing products for all your family. Taking care of your skin.

Tel: 07887812803

 Email: linda_flack@sky.com

Website: www.uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/lindaflack


Synergy's nutritional supplements are scientifically formulated to improve your health, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol,  reduce aches and pains, improve your circulation,  have more energy, improve your athletic performance naturally or detox and lose weight easily

Their Pro Argi-9+ ( health product of the year CamExpo) is for the third year running in The Physicians Desk Reference for it's 'heart health benefits and being the highest quality arginine product in the world'.

To find out how Synergy can benefit you come and speak with me, Helen.

Tel: 07545 227272 Email: helenrprosper@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.prosperwithsynergy

Caroline Gibbons -


I have used the powerful energy of Nature to create a unique range of flower essence creams to energise, enhance and heal you. I use organic, wild and sustainable essential oils and organic moisturising ingredients like Shea butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil. My creams are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Flower essences changed my life many years ago when they healed my son, Charlie, and I am thrilled to have created this range of creams for the world to discover, and enjoy the power of Nature for healing in a luxurious cream.



Website: www.carolineessences.com

Kris and Julia Pillai - CRYSTAL EARTH

At Crystal Earth we sell a wide range of tumble stones, unique crystal specimens, Wildberry incense, incense burners, smudge sticks, pagan and new age silver jewellery and a variety of spiritual gifts. Advice on crystal healing is offered by Kris, our trained spiritual therapist who can guide you to a better understanding of the power of crystals. Many of our spiritual gifts are unique and handmade by our spiritual creator, Julia

Tel: 07973 429699  * Email: julia@crystal-earth.co.uk


The Koorana Centre in Ardingly is the home of creativity, spirituality and wellbeing in mid Sussex. It’s team of specialists is dedicated to creating a holistic programme of wellbeing classes, workshops and therapies that transform lives.

Visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheKooranaCentre/ for activities taking place or subscribe through the website www.thekooranacentre.com to receive the monthly newsletter.

Email: info@thekooranacentre.com

Website: www.thekooranacentre.com


 Color- Discovery delivers inspiring talks, courses, events, retreats, treatments and products focused on the natural power of colour to enhance our lives with extra awareness and vitality. Specialising in Colour Light Therapy and in the most accurate analysis of our Colour Personalities, Color Discovery continues to ‘spread the light’ for the last 20 years supporting personal expression and good health. We will be delighted to meet you and we are thrilled to invite you to our stall for a free short personal reading of your date of birth’s colours.


Email : theresa@color-discovery.com

Website: www.color-discovery.com

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Sammie Venn - NAUTICAL & NICE jewellery

Our beautiful range of affirmation jewellery will make you sparkle inside and out. Choose from a variety of soulful sayings.

Tel : 07966006257

Email : sammie@nautical-nice.co.uk

Website: www.nautical-nice.co.uk

Grace Llewellyn - EARTH TRIBE CRAFTS

 Brass  and silver jewellery from India;

Recycled Jari silk and vintage clothing;  

 handmade macrame and gemstone jewellery.

Tel: 07917143763

Email: grace.llewellyn@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.earthtribecrafts.etsy.com

Tracey Eaton -

The GALLERY at the needlemakers

The Gallery at Lewes & Steyning have goods sourced from Nepal & India while supporting educational projects from West & North India.

We have singing bowls & cymbals from Nepal, as well as Himalayan salt lamps. Our jeweller Amit Jain in Goa makes all of our Chakra jewellery. We also have a selection of lightweight Kaftans, robes & tops, all hand printed for us in Jaipur. All available at our shop in the Needlemakers in West Street, Lewes

Feel free to chat to Tracey on our stall , or visit us at the Needlemakers.

Tel: 07980 850751

Email: traceyanneat@hotmail.com

Website: www.needlemakersgallery.co.uk

Facebook.com/The Gallery at the Needlemakers


Silvergems Gifts provide a wonderful selection of genuine freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones

and ladies 925 silver at very affordable cost.

Tel: 07709278771

 Email: jeanharris61@btinternet.com

Website: www.silvergemsonline.co.uk

Julie holliday - GEM ENCHANTMENT

  Exquisite gemstone jewellery

treasures offering beautiful healing crystals to adorn and empower.   

Presented with love.

Tel: 07818 696734

Email: info@gemenchantment.com

Website : www.gemenchantment.com

Eve Temmerman


Eve Temmerman Candles and Reed Diffusers are hand poured in small batches, and infused with Reiki during the blending stage.

Our candles have a perfect mix of pure essential oils, eco soy wax, and a natural woodwick with a peaceful crackling sound, balancing each chakra in the body through aromatherapy and Reiki intention.

Tel : 07787407475

Email : advice@evetemmerman.com

Website : www.evetemmerman.com

Sarah Oyetunde - SO-ART & WELLBEING

.A beautiful selection of original mandala art, prints and cards.

So-art is a holistic service offering bespoke mandala art for aesthetic, meditation and reflection; Life Path Mandalas (a type of soul portrait) which encompasses individual consultations and a unique piece of art that represents you; and workshops for wellbeing and self care.

there are 3 types of workshop-  the whole day Mandala workshop; the 'Making mandalas-’host a workshop from home' workshop; and  a fortnightly mandala drop-in in Peacehaven for people who want to maintain and develop their mandala practice. I'm also offering individual mandala work and person centred counselling in Brighton and Peacehaven. All the info can be found on my website.

Tel: 07545381147

Email: info@so-art.com

Website: www.so-art.com


Roundwood Rings was born out of my passion for raw, organic material: wood, natural gemstones and crystals. Each one-of-a-kind piece is completely unique; lovingly hand-crafted and made only with elements of nature, allowing the recipient to feel grounded and at one with the natural energy of the earth.

Tel : 07956478424

Email : roundwoodrings@gmail.com

Website : www.roundwoodrings.com

Dathan Berry - AROMAIR Ltd - Ocean Spa Therapy

SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy – The Healing Power of the Sea in YOUR Hands and Feet, an illuminating and amazing explanation of how and why the Ocean helps and heals.

Tel : 07961 054870

Email : info@aromair.co.uk

Website: www.oceanspatherapy.co.uk


”Created from the heart, my art brings a visualisation of those who I believe are always with us. Whether you have any faith, spiritual, religious or otherwise I believe my art should move you or reach out and touch your soul in some way, how I cannot predict, as we all see art through very different eyes. I hope you feel it somehow. Most of all it should bring a smile to your face. Cards, cushions and canvases available.”

Tel: 07725567255

Email: debbie@soulfulcreations.co.uk

Website: www.soulfulcreations.co.uk