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FREE Group Healing Sessions in the LECTURE ROOM

(Upstairs -  1st floor - full access by lift & stairs)

(There is no limit to how many you can attend on the day.  All welcome)

1.40pm to 2.30pm: Helen Thatcher - Being Held in Love - Sacred Embodiment

We come into this world pure and innocence. Through life experiences we lose our natural expression of joy and love.  Helen will guide a loving-kindness mediation taking us deep into our hearts and the essence of who we are.  This is opportunity to fall back in love with yourself, to listen the messages of your body whilst acknowledging the divine aspects of yourself.

11.40pm to 12.10pm: RECEIVING BLESSINGS FROM OUR ANCESTORS with Norina Shorter

Countless ancestors are available as supporting presences, waiting only to be invited to offer their gifts to us.

 In this short session, I will provide a simple exercise for you to experience connecting with, and receiving blessings from, any supportive ancestors from your family field.

11.00am to 11.30am: LAUGHTER YOGA with Sam Rehan

Natural laughter usually lasts 3-5 seconds. People get proven health benefits of laughter when continuous laughter occurs for 15 minutes… and it does in Laughter Wellbeing / Laughter Yoga. Laughing with others is far more powerful than laughing alone and the session involves group laughter exercises without jokes in a supportive environment AND ZERO YOGA POSES. You can join in as little or much as you want.

12.20pm to 12.50pm:   THERAPEUTIC HAND MASSAGE  with HELEN PROSPER - A practical workshop for children and adults

 Helen is a health coach, and massage instructor. Human connection and touch is an essential component of health that in our 21st Century way of living is getting harder and harder to access. Helen's mission is to bring back pure, simple, touch and human connection to society. Through teaching a wonderful yet simple hand massage to people of all ages Helen hopes to help break down the barriers around touch and any need to be an 'expert'. Positive touch needs to be part of our daily life and should be accessible to everyone of any age.

During this workshop you will learn how to give a hand massage and experience how good it feels.

2.40pm to 3.20pm:  GROUP REIKI HEALING MEDITATION with Sue Salt

Reiki Healing Meditation.

Come and try a group Reiki Healing Session and get a taste of the Peaceful Grace a Reiki experience can promote. It supports self healing, reduction in stress and increase in energy levels. Looking forward to seeing you there.

1.00pm to 1.30pm: Guided Meditation with Hayley North

This guided meditation will introduce the power of the breath for managing stress, reducing anxiety and calming the mind. We'll access the physical body to become present to ourselves, slow the chatter of the mind and foster greater emotional self-regulation. From this place we are able to make better decisions, focus, think clearly and consciously choose how we respond to our external circumstances.

Raffle called at 3.30pm

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