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FREE Group Healing Sessions in the LECTURE ROOM

(Upstairs -  1st floor - full access by lift & stairs)

(There are no number limits to how many you can attend on the day. All welcome at each one)

Please click on the name or title for more information

 12.00am to 12.50am: Lisa Halliday  - THETA Healing® -

demonstration & group healing

“I will be guiding you through a Theta Healing® meditation to connect to the energy of all that is. You will learn how to instantly change your limiting beliefs & feelings which create blocks in your life. Learn how to create new positive thought downloads on self love & manifesting abundance. Discover one of the most advanced

 & life-changing forms of energy healing available on the planet.”

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3.20pm to 4.00pm: COLOUR WORKSHOP with GABRIELLE  ANYA RAFELLO of the Koorana Centre.

Enjoy a free 30 minute workshop which provides a taste of Gabrielle's 'Over the Rainbow' creative workshop which examines your relationship with colour and the huge potential it has for healing health, wealth and creativity. Each participant will receive free tools to take away from the session. Gabrielle Anya Rafello is the Founder and Director of the Koorana Centre and Koorana Foundation, a writer and personal  development facilitator, a quantum psionics practitioner and an artist who has a strong passion for colour.

10.20am to 10.50am: Meditation with GABRIELLE  ANYA RAFELLO of the Koorana Centre.

“Would you love to experience the power of gentle relaxation and meditation and be able to discover a sense of true inner peace? Gabrielle Anya Rafello supports individuals of all ages to relax and enjoy meditation as a healing experience. She specialises in working with highly sensitive individuals and will include within this experience some helpful tools so you feel safe, protected and grounded at all times and can use meditation as a method to get to know yourself in so many ways. “

4.10pm to 4.25pm: Brian Oxley - Clairvoyant- guided meditation

Guidance for Today

This 15 minute meditation will allow the sitter to meet a Guide or loved one from the Spirit World who will bring them information and reassurance from the Higher Realms.

The sitter will be guided to a safe place where they can feel at peace and engaged.

The sitter will be gently guided to a point of meeting with their Spirit companion and there will be ample time to exchange love, information and healing.

True guidance will be found by the exchange of unconditional love.


Raffle called at 4.30pm

11.00 to 11.50pm: Ali McNab  - LIFE ALIGNMENT

Life transforming Energy Healing System - group healing

“Experience the release from old & unwanted  patterns of behaviour that cause unease & disease in our minds , bodies & souls. We bring to the surface our stories, then gently release the trapped emotional charge within, bringing us into Balance and Health. A powerful, yet gentle experience.”

1.00pm to 1.30pm: Grounding your Energy’ meditation with Janno Onneleid.

“You will be guided through a meditation using energy work to ground your energy and connect with your own body and answers. With grounding you will release any energy that is not yours, so you have more space to create from your own truth.

2.40pm to 3.10pm: ‘Healing Trauma: Soul Perspective’ with Ishala Wayshower

“Why have so many of us experienced trauma?  Understanding our Soul’s perspective from a Universal viewpoint plus the energetic translation may hold the key to healing. Also Explore our roles in shifting vibration to the 5D and experience an exclusive healing pathway that supports living from your Divine Blue Print.”


1.40pm to 2.30pm: ‘Healing with Acceptance’ with Alastair MacKenzie

 “We will be exploring the power of acceptance . In this group session I will be guiding you to focus in depth on any sensations of physical  and/or emotional pain ; to transcend and transform them. If you are without pain, then I will invite you to dive into sensations in a deeper way. Both practices are incredibly powerful and, for me, have been a necessity in the transcendence of pain that lived/lives within me.”