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- for all ages -EVERYONE welcome -


If you were an animal, who would you be?

MASK MAKING with Sarah and Sue

Throughout the day  in the Corn Exchange

The creativity activities are free and everyone of all ages are welcome. Materials and tools are provided.

Come and play!

  Children under 8 years must be with a known adult.

 Use of materials is at participants’ own risk.

Birute Jakucionyte – GONG MASTER

playing Gongs and ancient instruments since 2006.

 Originally Birute comes from Lithuania, she is the author of two books and blogger (www.jakucionyte.lt). She is Lithuanian traditional songs singer since 16 years old.

Birute uses the sounds created by ancient instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, rattles, rain stick, ocean and shamanic drums.

She will do sound therapy and instruments presentation.

Tel: 07415659967

Email: ecoethno.sound@gmail.com

Website: www.ecoethno.co.uk

 Bee Jack (Birute Jakucionyte)


RE-MADE - Life & How To Get Better At It:

- Articles, TED/TEDX Talks, films & trailers, extracts, TV & film clips, DIY, techniques, podcasts, audio, tips, webisodes & animation.  

      Contact: info@re-made.life

Website:  www.re-made.life                              


Uniquely Personal Digital Video Production

Documenting the Evolution of Human Society

How many times have you watched an inspiring documentary film and immediately after searched for a book, event, product or simply more information on the subject of the film?
FloatingLighthouse Productions specialises in creating short professional documentary films for the purpose of bringing a truly unique personal flavour to your promotion, whether you are an individual, small business, or larger organisation.
 These highly personal, emotional and engaged films, bring an immediate personal connection with the business. 
 Through stunning visuals and entrancing audio, we communicate the atmosphere and passion of your business in a way that viewers will feel that they personally know you and your business, reinforcing customer loyalty and with every view a greater interested customer base. 

We specialise in promoting businesses that are creating a real positive impact in their communities, for the environment and society as a whole. 


Email: media@floatinglighthouse.com

Website: www.floating lighthouse.com


Reiki Master - Healer - Spiritual Teacher -

Founder of White Feathers Workshops.

“I am delighted to be able to support this event again. I have been a teacher for over 28 years and, since retiring from teaching, I now  teach adults what it was like to be children and believe there is magic in the world and anything is possible. I have been a Reiki Master for over 17 years and am building my Spiritual Work as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

Tel: 07946 140771

Email: suesalt@hotmail.com

Sara Gilbert - Creative Craft

 Sara is a qualified art and textiles teacher

with 17 years experience of teaching children.

Tel: 07900330682      

Email : saragilbert1264@gmail.com

SOUL PORTRAITS with Hedar Abid

Drop-in from 12.oopm to 3.00pm

STORYTELLING with  Sian Jones

Animal stories of courage, cunning and kindness will be shared today.

at 12.30pm and 2.30pm

Hedar Abid - SOUL PORTRAIT workshops 12-3pm

Soul portraits are representations of your inner self, or sometimes just an aspect, expressed creatively without judgement, using intuition and without an attachment to the end result. We will use pastels, different craft papers, pens and markers. The process can be guided or completely individual.

I will also be displaying my Art work

 - Mixed media 'soul portraits' of women,

16 x 20" canvas, X 9 images - (not for sale)

And selling copies of above artwork - approx A5

I am a young artist local to West Sussex. I work mainly with mixed media and acrylics. I have taken a year of Anthroposophic art therapy training at the Tobias School of Art, and I facilitate group painting and art workshops for all ages.

Tel: 07903 885 334                                

 Email: hedarabid@hotmail.com

Damian 'BB' Wood - STORYTELLER

Improvised Storytelling - Creating stories from your imagination.

Interactive and fun for young and older alike - all ages welcome.

Animal stories of courage, cunning and kindness .

We will create interactive  stories together, incorporating your animal masks, soul portraits  … and your imaginations!

Tel: 07886 253078

Email: daa_woo@yahoo.com