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We are a loose collective of Lightworkers who come together to bring Love, Light and Healing with our various modalities under the umbrella title of

METTA COMMUNITY EVENTS...  Metta is the practice of LovingKindness.

The Healing Arts, Creativity and the Arts, the growing and cooking of good food, the treasuring of the planet  are all aspects of Metta Community.

We are linked to the Mind Body Spirit Sussex Festival and the share the same goals of bringing Transformation, Illumination and higher Vibration to all.

Please get in touch if this resonates with you and you would like to be a part of the collective. Please contact Ali ... mcnabali@yahoo.co.uk.

"As teachers, we teach people to teach themselves. As healers, we show people how to heal themselves. As intuitives we guide people back to their own inner navigational system. We are here to empower you so that you realise that all the help you need can be found within your own being. Our greatest wish is for us all to stand in our full power, in our full hearts, in our full selves, in our full presence, offering a reflection of Divinity to each other."

For all day retreats

Please bring veggie/vegan  lunch to share. Snacks and refreshments provided

Pre-booking preferred

Bank transfer details on request.

Places limited to   15 or less


Women’s Sacred Circle - Wednesday 9th October. www.facebook.com/events/483578012198043/

Join Ali and Helen for an evening of joyful personal growth, through movement, connection and energy work. There will also be a short sonic healing session (gong bath) to get us into the zone.

We invite you to bring an item of special/sacred/significance with you each visit, to place on the altar. This will be taken home again at the end of the evening.

The space will be open from 7.00pm, 15 minutes before the start of the evening's work at 7.15pm. The session will end at 9.15pm. You are welcome to stay for a further 30 minutes for a drink and to socialise before your journey home. Places are limited, so prior booking is recommended.

Through gentle movement exercises Helen will provide opportunities for you to improve your ability to be more embodied and in touch with your feelings . There is potential for re-awaking your natural, creative, sensual flow and increasing your self-acceptance and self-love.

Ali will facilitate Conscious, Intentional Transformation. Raising vibration through the RELEASE of old negative patterns, triggers and stuck energy. Thus creating space to RECEIVE positive, uplifting energy to take its place.

We request you come as your natural self; please do not to wear perfumes.

Please bring £15/£10  in exchange for the skills of your facilitators, and for the upkeep of the yurt's physical space. There will be a warm welcome waiting for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Much love x Ali & Helen x

Women’s Sacred Circle - Tuesday 12th November.

Women’s Sacred Circle - Thursday 12th December.

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“I had such a wonderful time in this yurt. It feels like being back in the womb, it's so warm, cozy, and sensual. I felt truly held and supported in this space. It felt like a little sanctuary away from the world to tune back into my body again and recharge. Thank you so much, Ali and Helen!” L.R.

“What a fabulous day I had at Wivelsfield Yurt recently. It is a wonderful space where I felt very comfortable. We danced, expressed ourselves and meditated. Helen and Ali are skilled facilitators who made the day very special for me. Many thanks. X” S.R.

“Amazing evening and beautiful cosy space with kindred souls. Coming together for the good of the community. The theme was woman's day and teaching which resonated as I have been an Occupational Therapist teaching life skills, empowerment and independence in a difficult system. I'm now moving into teaching in a new way in the community including heart conscious meditation, heart dance and tea ceremonies for preventive healthcare and teaching prisoners mindfulness and connection. I have many fears around going against the system which were all bought into the light and exchanged for abundance, acceptance and my true destiny. A beautiful heart felt evening where I felt comfortable and connected to everyone who attended. Thank you Helen and Ali.” L.P.